Sound the Alarm!

I heard about the school shootings of 17 students last night and I am still in shock! If this doesn’t get us on our knees seeking God, I don’t know what will.
Society continues to crumble all around us while we fill our minds with meaningless entertainment. To tell you the truth, I have no desire to watch fiction on TV any more.

Reality keeps grabbing my attention…
This was the worst school shooting since 2012. That was when 26 people died in Newton, CT. But these two are just the tips of icebergs. Just this year, there have been 18(!) school shootings! Eighteen! And its only February! That’s a lot of school shootings! And its getting worse… Our schools have become war zones…
I’m afraid the next step will be stricter gun control laws… The Democrats scream that every time one of these happens. That may slow it down it a little, but I doubt it. There is fundamentally something wrong with us and our society that won’t be fixed by more laws. And that, along with freedom of religion which they are desperately trying to destroy too, will be the end of our country and any liberty we have left…
Of course, we have not seen liberty of the press for a long time. We have the internet, but that will soon be regulated and it will go away…too…
“No?” You say. Well, the younger generation that is coming up now has been raised on Humanism and Marxism in our schools so why should we be surprised when all our liberty is gone?
Where are the fiery messages from our pulpits? Why are we not sounding the alarm? Are we still asleep while the world burns? Where are the warnings and pleadings for repentance? God is judging us and its not going to get any better unless we repent.

Unless we turn back to God.
But, the Lord has His own agenda. One thing is certain, though. Jesus coming back soon! I know I sound like a broken record, but its just the truth whether it happens tomorrow or in 50 years. We still need to be ready.
Are you ready, friend? Are you, as the old saints would say, “prayed up?” If not, then just turn back to Him. He loves you and is ready for you to draw closer to Him.
My two verses for today are: Isaiah 51:1: Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the Lord: Look unto the Rock whence ye are hewn and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged.
If we don’t look to the Rock, we will get crushed!
Blow ye the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm in my holy mountain; let all the inhabitants of the land tremble; for the Day of the Lord cometh for it is nigh at hand. Joel 2:1.
Sound the alarm!

(Note: I found out later that the 18 shootings were just mostly accidents. The group that figure came from was a liberal group pushing for gun control. However, they did say that about one fatal shooting happens every week in America at a school… So, about 5 or 6 of them could have been considered dangerous where actual injuries or death occurred. See, the liberal press is going to try to skewer the facts so we think that gun control is the only answer…)


“My Only Love”

It was 1985. I was pregnant with my second child. It was our 3rd anniversary which is on February 20th. It was a gray, cold, rainy day. We got a good teenager to watch our only son for $1.00 an hour and clean the house, too. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant to celebrate it.
I always will remember how things went. There was a juke box on the table – remember those? That was the first time I heard the song by the Statler Brothers. It was beautiful and I loved it. I really felt like that was us.
But it didn’t turn out that way at first.
Back in 1977, my life was a mess. I had started the year teaching in a private school which was hard because I was teaching high school and I was barely 20 years old myself… The school went out of business. I officially graduated from college that June, too.
At this next job, that summer, tutoring needy children, I met a wonderful lady who soon became by best friend. Her name was Gail Steelman. She told me about a Singles group that met on Friday nights. The next thing I knew, I was attending it. We would start with a quiet time of prayer. And, we would sit, not in rows, as a church service would be, but on chairs, couches and anywhere in a person’s living room. Then, we would sing from frayed booklets, familiar songs and hymns before we would get into a serious discussion of singlehood with all its problems and blessings.
I enjoyed it immensely, but as the year passed, I still mourned the fact that I hadn’t met my true love yet. Finally, about a year later, in 1978, I met a guy that I liked before he left for basic training in the Air Force. Of course, at that time, I didn’t know that. He was shy and so was I, so we didn’t get very far and that seemed to be the end of it. To make a long story short, he returned the next June in 1979 and I saw him at church. Still, we chatted with each other and sat together a few times, but I still wasn’t sure if he liked me or not after he had been gone for so long.
So, one day, I was at home with my mom, contemplating my misery. By now, it was 1980. “Mom, I said as I was transferring a flower from a small pot into a bigger one, “I really need to meet someone. I am so tired of being single! I’m 24 now, will be 25 in a few days and feel like such an old maid!”
“You’re young, dear! You’re not an old maid! You have plenty of time yet.” My mom exclaimed.
“You always say that!” I retorted. “All old people say that!” I plopped the plant into the other pot.
“Well, why don’t we pray about it?” Mom suggested.
“You mean, right now?”
“Yeah, right now.”
I was pretty desperate by now. I put down my trowel and patted down the soil around the plant, and took off my gloves. Then, I bowed my head.
“Lord,” she said with her head bowed, “show Laura the guy she is supposed to marry. We are trusting you to guide her to the right one.”
Suddenly, the phone rang. I picked it up. The voice on the other end was a lady from church I didn’t know very well. “You know, Laura, there is a guy who likes you but is too shy to ask you out. You should ask him out.”
I was totally puzzled. “Who are you?”
“My name is Sherry Smith. I’m a friend of Bob Bentz who really likes you. His mom and I have gotten together to try to hook you two up.”
“Really, he likes me?” I thought of him sitting next to me a few times at church. “Oh, but I don’t ask out guys! That’s not a good idea.”
“Well, most of the girls now do ask out guys. It’s no big deal any more.”
“Yeah, but I just can’t…wait a minute, I’ve got an idea! I’ll ask him back to the singles meeting.”
“Yeah, why don’t you do that?” She gave me his phone number.
“Thanks, Sherry, for your tip.”
“You’re welcome!” I hung up.
My mom smiled. “What was that all about?”
“I think I just found out who likes me and I’m going to call him right now. It may be the answer to our prayer.”
“Good! Go for it! It’s about time!” Mom just shook her head and left the room without any further comment.
I called Bob. He came and picked me up and we both went to the meeting together. Then, we planned our first date which was putt-putt golf…That was 1980 and we were married in 1982.
Last year, 2017, we celebrated our 35th anniversary.
And I so thank the Lord above…for my only love.

A Florida Thanksgiving Prayer

I pray this year Thanksgiving will be a good one: The turkey will cook through. It wouldn’t be too hot outside and strain the A/C. Our electric bill will survive. I can wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt.
And, help my pumpkin pie and eggplant casserole to cooperate in my mom’s fickle oven. And I’ll be able to cook both meals (at my mom’s and my house) without too much trouble. I pray my sister’s turkey turns out all right too. And she doesn’t put too many pecans in her green beans. (I hate when she does that!) And she won’t have any problems preparing it. And that she remembers to bring the cheese cake. (And I remember the cranberry sauce!)
Thank you for all you’ve given us… Thank you for the beautiful weather. Thank you for the mobbed roads and packed attractions. Thank you for family and friends…and for surviving 51 years in the late, great state of Florida.
I am truly blessed by more than I deserve. Thank you for the nice house you’ve given us. Thank you for the pool. May it not turn green but stay for blue for the big day… May everyone get along and we don’t get into any heated discussions. May it be a nice, sunny, but cool day.
May my husband have a blessed day at work. He has to work at “Dizzy World” on Thanksgiving Day. He goes in in the afternoon, after a quick turkey lunch. Lord, bless them even though they are stingier there than Scrooge…Bless the quarter-an-hour raise they are promising him. Pray that the little bit Bob makes stretches…especially with Christmas just around the corner…
Pray for mom to stay well. Pray she survives the next three days with my goofy brother swooping in from Colorado for a visit that ends on early Thanksgiving so he and his family won’t have to eat any of our food… And leaving before I get over there… Thank you for him even though he is a pain in the arse. All of us need someone like him to keep us humble…
And bless our left-overs, Lord. Let them be delicious and stretch til Christmas. Help me be as creative as Chef Ramsey.
Thank you, Lord. I knew I can count on You… In Jesus Name, Amen!

Always Something

It’s always something. Like last month, I got a letter. It was from the DOD saying that we owe them 500.00. And I know what it meant.
It all started in 2013 in Germany. It was my birthday. My husband Bob and I drove up to the castle which overlooked Landstuhl for dinner. It was a rainy, foggy afternoon and the sun was quickly setting when we got there. The food was delicious and we were the only ones in the restaurant, sitting by a cozy fireplace. And it felt like, after 9 months there, we were finally settled down and doing a little better. We both had jobs and it seemed all was well on that cold, already autumn, evening as we looked down into the town. A sense of well-being pervaded our thoughts.
Well, that image was shattered the next day when Bob bent down at his work as a janitor and –“snap!”- the meniscus in his knee broke. He came home limping and in pain. He immediately went on “workman’s comp” since his job was through the U.S. military.
A few days later, we went to a hospital and we paid $500.00 for an MRE. Then, we got the run-around for about 3 months until we realized they weren’t going to do his operation in Germany.
Finally, we prepared to go back to the United States. We were so disappointed. We loved Germany and had many good friends there… However, my mom wasn’t feeling good and neither were his parents so we had to return to Florida to take care of them.
I bid Germany “good-bye” on a cold March day and arrived in Florida to 80 degree temperatures. That felt good; to feel the sun on my face again. And the bathroom floor was warm instead of cold… I liked that, too.
However, with a lot of red tape to go through, it took Bob 10 months later to finally have a 20-minute operation to repair two broken meniscus’s. And, all that time, we lived with my Mom and took care of her. It was a real struggle for us, financially, physically and spiritually. But the Lord saw us through, and, after he recovered, found a job at Disney World in 2015 and he’s been there ever since…
But now we have to pay back 500 which we don’t owe… And trying to contact them has been a real bear. I think I’ll just give up and just let it go. An extra 50 dollar a month tax for 10 months is really not worth the hassle.
I tried and couldn’t get through to a human being… par for the course, isn’t it? So is life. It’s always something…
But I’m thankful the Lord is always there. He’s got everything under control even when things can get out of hand. And especially when life doesn’t make sense.
That’s something to be thankful for. Remember, He’s always got your back if you are a child of God. You can always trust Him even in the bumpy places. Even when we question everything and nothing makes sense.
Trust. That’s something you can bank on with God. Just try it sometime. He’ll never let you down…

Moving Day

Moving is something I just hate as much as going to the dentist! In fact, I had a dental appointment on the same day and had to reschedule it…
We moved from Winter Garden to Davenport which is about 20 miles away… I didn’t realize how much I had yet to pack that Monday morning… It started slowly enough and then gained momentum as the day wore on. I began to rush and try to get every last thing packed. I didn’t realize how much Bob and I owned and wished most of it would just go away… But we have trouble parting with all our “sentimental junk”.
Finally, the two guys who were our movers, arrived at about 5:30 that afternoon and I had already left at 4:30 with my car packed to the brim with boxes. We had rented previously U-hauls filled with our little stuff. These guys were coming for the rest.
When the movers arrived at the new house, which was now around 8:00, they quickly tried to unload the whole enchilada while I ordered two large pizzas for everyone. We all wolfed them down while they were working and they stopped in-between unloading for a bite or two.
Besides gouging out some scratches on our old tile floors, the two guys managed to get it all done without any other incident. The only excitement was when a gecko escaped from a box and crawled up a wall. Tyler, one of the movers, caught him and released him outside our front door. It was 10:30 when they finished and we were so tired we felt overwhelmed.
But the next day, my friend, Linda, arrived just in time to help me unpack and then things fell into place… And the house began to take the shape of a home.
You know, that’s the way we sometimes are in general. Our possessions possess us and we give up waiting for the Lord to come through. We get too busy maintaining our stuff. Or we run ahead of Him. We seldom stop to listen to what He is saying.
Folks, we don’t have much time left! The signs of the times are getting worse and speeding up! In one day, more things happen than used to happen in a year! We may be moving out of this world very soon…the Rapture is coming and my question is: I hope you are ready. If there isn’t the Rapture yet, then we are going to be in for some very hard times…
But there is always hope: Jesus always comes through at the right time and saves us! His promises are always “yea” and “amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20).

And it’s worth all the trials and troubles to get to the final reward… Our mansion in heaven! Then we will truly be “at home”.

What a Crazy Week!

Sometimes, doesn’t it feel like a crazy week? Lately, it feels like every week is a crazy week. I can barely catch my breath. I’m sure you feel the same.

The good, bad and ugly happened this week. A man died in Las Vegas, covering his wife with his arms and saying, “I’ll see you in heaven…” We’ve had about a tragedy a week for a month here in the good, ole’ USA. Do you think GOD is trying to tell us something? I wonder if we are listening yet…

Don’t hold your breath: I doubt it. More judgments are yet to come. I’ll keep you posted…

Meanwhile, in my personal life, we are finally moving in to our “new” home in Davenport in a few more days. I’m living in what feels like an empty shell here in Winter Garden… Its kind of dreary and also confusing when you know most of your stuff is boxed somewhere 20 miles away in a garage… but that will be resolved, the Lord willing, in a few days. Also, my sister is coming with her four grown sons tomorrow and I hope they will help us finish the process of moving…so the Lord does provide.

Meanwhile,  guy we sold a car to was arrested for child pornography and he is awaiting trial. And he seemed like a nice person… Wow, what kind of crazy world are we living in?

A also met a guy at Publix wearing a tee shirt that said “F___” on it. (You can fill in the blank…) I was very upset with him and told him to not wear that kind of awful stuff in public. But the Holy Spirit prompted me, and I gave him a tract. He thanked me for it.

Of course, we’re off to a great start in our new home. Irma blew off 50 shingles so now we will need a new roof…I’m praying it won’t cost too much.

Ever feel like you’re running out of money? Every day in every way…

Lastly, I said good-bye to my neighbor, Jay, who lives across the street. She is an Indian and has never heard the Gospel until I spoke to her about it. I have talked to her extensively about it already. Today, I left her a track in Hindu and English. She was shocked I had them in her own language. (I do get them that way through Chick.) She promised me she would read it. As I walked away, her son was reading the English one already…

Just think, the USA is a mission field now and we are the missionaries… Folks, we need to get out of our comfort zone and pick up our efforts to share the gospel. (I’m talking to myself, too!)

All this happened in one week… It’s enough to make you dizzy.  But the Lord showed me the perfect verses to match the occasion:

Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and the latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. (James 5:7-8)




Come, Lord Jesus!

I’ve been thinking about the Second Coming a lot lately. I read an old book about it by Dave Hunt, published 32 years ago titled: Peace, Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust. The pages are worn and yellowed but he talks about the tell-tale signs of Christ’s coming “back then”.

Wow, folks aren’t we closer now than then? You better believe it! I’ve been so excited about it lately, I can’t stand it! No one has talked much any more (including myself) about the Second Coming until recently. And now, I have some friends that God has sent me to encourage me “as we see the Day approaching.” I appreciate their love and support! God bless you folks!

Also, I am reading a book by Larry Burkett, Whatever Happened to the American Dream?, that was written 25 years ago and it also is very prophetic. It shows you everything that is happening right now… He says there was a way to turn things around back then, but, guess what? It’s probably too late now…we’re 20 trillion dollars in debt! We can’t turn back! We’re in serious trouble! Be prepared for a roller coaster ride…but, remember, the Lord is going to always be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you until He comes back…

And, the way the Word is opening up with all the obscure prophetic passages coming to life, well, it is very interesting and exciting…

I challenge you to reread the book of Revelation and ask the Lord to show you what it means in light of the Internet, Smartphones, Amazon and all our modern stuff. It’s in there. You would be surprised what the Lord may show you… (Hint: especially chapter 11…)

You all better “get right with God” real soon if you aren’t! (And you’ve had plenty of time…)

Christian, lift up your weary head! Take a breath of fresh, heavenly air! Keep scanning the skies! It won’t be long now… days are very short…your redemption is drawing nigh!

All the problems and struggles of our everyday existence melt to nothing compared to the glories of heaven! (Romans 8:18-19) Amen!

He which testifies of these things saith: Surely, I come quickly. Even so come, Lord Jesus.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. (Rev. 22:20-21)

The last two verses in the Bible…think about them!

Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!