A Florida Thanksgiving Prayer

I pray this year Thanksgiving will be a good one: The turkey will cook through. It wouldn’t be too hot outside and strain the A/C. Our electric bill will survive. I can wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt.
And, help my pumpkin pie and eggplant casserole to cooperate in my mom’s fickle oven. And I’ll be able to cook both meals (at my mom’s and my house) without too much trouble. I pray my sister’s turkey turns out all right too. And she doesn’t put too many pecans in her green beans. (I hate when she does that!) And she won’t have any problems preparing it. And that she remembers to bring the cheese cake. (And I remember the cranberry sauce!)
Thank you for all you’ve given us… Thank you for the beautiful weather. Thank you for the mobbed roads and packed attractions. Thank you for family and friends…and for surviving 51 years in the late, great state of Florida.
I am truly blessed by more than I deserve. Thank you for the nice house you’ve given us. Thank you for the pool. May it not turn green but stay for blue for the big day… May everyone get along and we don’t get into any heated discussions. May it be a nice, sunny, but cool day.
May my husband have a blessed day at work. He has to work at “Dizzy World” on Thanksgiving Day. He goes in in the afternoon, after a quick turkey lunch. Lord, bless them even though they are stingier there than Scrooge…Bless the quarter-an-hour raise they are promising him. Pray that the little bit Bob makes stretches…especially with Christmas just around the corner…
Pray for mom to stay well. Pray she survives the next three days with my goofy brother swooping in from Colorado for a visit that ends on early Thanksgiving so he and his family won’t have to eat any of our food… And leaving before I get over there… Thank you for him even though he is a pain in the arse. All of us need someone like him to keep us humble…
And bless our left-overs, Lord. Let them be delicious and stretch til Christmas. Help me be as creative as Chef Ramsey.
Thank you, Lord. I knew I can count on You… In Jesus Name, Amen!


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