Always Something

It’s always something. Like last month, I got a letter. It was from the DOD saying that we owe them 500.00. And I know what it meant.
It all started in 2013 in Germany. It was my birthday. My husband Bob and I drove up to the castle which overlooked Landstuhl for dinner. It was a rainy, foggy afternoon and the sun was quickly setting when we got there. The food was delicious and we were the only ones in the restaurant, sitting by a cozy fireplace. And it felt like, after 9 months there, we were finally settled down and doing a little better. We both had jobs and it seemed all was well on that cold, already autumn, evening as we looked down into the town. A sense of well-being pervaded our thoughts.
Well, that image was shattered the next day when Bob bent down at his work as a janitor and –“snap!”- the meniscus in his knee broke. He came home limping and in pain. He immediately went on “workman’s comp” since his job was through the U.S. military.
A few days later, we went to a hospital and we paid $500.00 for an MRE. Then, we got the run-around for about 3 months until we realized they weren’t going to do his operation in Germany.
Finally, we prepared to go back to the United States. We were so disappointed. We loved Germany and had many good friends there… However, my mom wasn’t feeling good and neither were his parents so we had to return to Florida to take care of them.
I bid Germany “good-bye” on a cold March day and arrived in Florida to 80 degree temperatures. That felt good; to feel the sun on my face again. And the bathroom floor was warm instead of cold… I liked that, too.
However, with a lot of red tape to go through, it took Bob 10 months later to finally have a 20-minute operation to repair two broken meniscus’s. And, all that time, we lived with my Mom and took care of her. It was a real struggle for us, financially, physically and spiritually. But the Lord saw us through, and, after he recovered, found a job at Disney World in 2015 and he’s been there ever since…
But now we have to pay back 500 which we don’t owe… And trying to contact them has been a real bear. I think I’ll just give up and just let it go. An extra 50 dollar a month tax for 10 months is really not worth the hassle.
I tried and couldn’t get through to a human being… par for the course, isn’t it? So is life. It’s always something…
But I’m thankful the Lord is always there. He’s got everything under control even when things can get out of hand. And especially when life doesn’t make sense.
That’s something to be thankful for. Remember, He’s always got your back if you are a child of God. You can always trust Him even in the bumpy places. Even when we question everything and nothing makes sense.
Trust. That’s something you can bank on with God. Just try it sometime. He’ll never let you down…


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