Moving Day

Moving is something I just hate as much as going to the dentist! In fact, I had a dental appointment on the same day and had to reschedule it…
We moved from Winter Garden to Davenport which is about 20 miles away… I didn’t realize how much I had yet to pack that Monday morning… It started slowly enough and then gained momentum as the day wore on. I began to rush and try to get every last thing packed. I didn’t realize how much Bob and I owned and wished most of it would just go away… But we have trouble parting with all our “sentimental junk”.
Finally, the two guys who were our movers, arrived at about 5:30 that afternoon and I had already left at 4:30 with my car packed to the brim with boxes. We had rented previously U-hauls filled with our little stuff. These guys were coming for the rest.
When the movers arrived at the new house, which was now around 8:00, they quickly tried to unload the whole enchilada while I ordered two large pizzas for everyone. We all wolfed them down while they were working and they stopped in-between unloading for a bite or two.
Besides gouging out some scratches on our old tile floors, the two guys managed to get it all done without any other incident. The only excitement was when a gecko escaped from a box and crawled up a wall. Tyler, one of the movers, caught him and released him outside our front door. It was 10:30 when they finished and we were so tired we felt overwhelmed.
But the next day, my friend, Linda, arrived just in time to help me unpack and then things fell into place… And the house began to take the shape of a home.
You know, that’s the way we sometimes are in general. Our possessions possess us and we give up waiting for the Lord to come through. We get too busy maintaining our stuff. Or we run ahead of Him. We seldom stop to listen to what He is saying.
Folks, we don’t have much time left! The signs of the times are getting worse and speeding up! In one day, more things happen than used to happen in a year! We may be moving out of this world very soon…the Rapture is coming and my question is: I hope you are ready. If there isn’t the Rapture yet, then we are going to be in for some very hard times…
But there is always hope: Jesus always comes through at the right time and saves us! His promises are always “yea” and “amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20).

And it’s worth all the trials and troubles to get to the final reward… Our mansion in heaven! Then we will truly be “at home”.


One thought on “Moving Day

  1. Amen Sister! Line upon line, precept upon precept, one day at a time sweet Jesus…something we could all learn a little bit more of!


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