The Wrath of Irma

We breathed a sigh of relief; we had missed the bullet with Harvey. But now, it looked like a direct hit from another hurricane: Irma. We brought Mom back to the house and made her as comfortable as possible. At almost 90, we didn’t want her to be alone and in case the power went out, didn’t want her to panic in the dark like she had before.

Of course, my younger brother was all bent out of shape about it and opposed it absolutely in his usual absolute manner. He said we should have stayed with her, not her staying with us. He started yelling on the phone about it as if he were the boss of our lives… Anyway, remind me when the next hurricane threatens not to evacuate her ever again… This is one of those battles I don’t want to fight because I would probably lose it….and it’s not worth the effort.

Anyway, on Sunday night, just when I glanced at the houses across the street and noticing how dark they were, the wrath of Irma fell. It was only 8:30 and the storm really had only been going on for a few hours. We had just watched a video of a service since our church didn’t meet at all that Sunday. I was going to make myself a cup of tea. Suddenly, the lights began to flicker and then die.

A little later, I made Mom as comfortable as possible in her bed with her flashlight by her head on the little table. The storm was really raging now and I wondered how any of us would ever get to sleep…

She was frightened so I read to her Psalm 91 and we prayed together.

I retreated then to my bed shared with husband, Bob. All night long, the storm raged outside. Strange noises attacked our ears and we swore the house was going through a car wash or the washing machine.

We checked Bob’s smart phone at 2:00 in the morning and were strangely disappointed that it only registered 53 miles-an-hour sustained winds… Hurricane force would have been 75. But there’s something about the middle of the night that made it so much scarier…

In the morning, we woke up to winds still whipping around. The rain had stopped around 3:00 so, after that, the noise lessened and I was able to fall asleep.

When we got up, there was still no power. We made coffee by heating up water on a gas grill and pouring it over the ground beans in the basket. We listened to an old transistor radio for our news. We ate grilled cheese sandwiches. And we waited until the curfew lifted to bring mom back home. Of course, my brother was calling every hour or two to see if she was all right until we finally quit answering the phone…

My 1970’s devotional for September 11 “hit the spot.” It was called “In Safe Hands” and the reading was Psalm 31:14-15. The last sentence was the best. It read: “Yes, we can rest content though the billows of life roar ever so threateningly, for we could not be in safer hands.” It’s nice to know we are safe with the Lord by our side. What a comfort that was to read! God has everything under control…

Mom made it safely home. My brother texted me an apology. The sun came out and dried up the rain. The winds died down. And there was only a little minor damage to our house.

We survived the wrath of Irma. By the grace of God… His mercies are new every morning!

Even though the power was still out…So we went to Mom’s and the lights finally came on five days later, but that’s another story…


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