Mikey Likes Me!

It was one of those cool and rainy days in Germany when you just wanted to sit around in a comfy chair and play Mahjong on your phone or Kindle and try to stay warm. The chilly weather, along with the jet lag, had put both of us in a sleepy mood since we arrived the day before to spend some time with our grandkids.
Hopefully, the weather would get warmer soon, I thought. It was, after all, the month of May, though early in it and about half-way through Spring.
But, as I was sitting there cocooning, cuddled in a blanket, I saw an odd thing: a note being pushed through the bottom of the foyer door. Who would do a thing like that? I thought.
I got up and picked it up. It was a bunch of gibberish, so I knew it was the invention of one of our grandkids. I opened the door to a gush of cool air and our grandson, Mikey standing there in his Buzz Light-year outfit.
“What are you doing?” I asked. But all I got was a bunch of giggles.
I continued my inquiry. “What does this note say?”
He laughed a bit more and then replied. “It says I don’t like you, Grandma!”
“What?” I felt very alarmed. “Why don’t you like me?”
“I dunno, I just don’t!”
I walked away rather sad and troubled, but determined to change his mind.
The next day, the sun came out and the weather got much warmer. Over the next two weeks, we journeyed on a trip to the Paris Disneyland, went swimming in an indoor pool and attended Alexis’s dance audition.
Also, after that, I tried to hug Mikey frequently, give him extra goodies and more attention, too.
Finally, the last day arrived. The rain and the cool weather came back, too. I asked him if he liked me a little bit more. We were getting ready to leave to go back 6000 miles to the USA so I hoped he had had a change of heart.
“Yes, Grandma, he admitted, “I like you a lot more now!” We both hugged and kissed.
See, a little love makes really does make a difference. And I did like his honesty about it; most of us adults wear a mask. We don’t often admit it when we are not loved. Love and hate; two sides to the same emotion that can be flipped if you push the right buttons.

So, remember to always show God’s love to others. They just might sometimes love you back…like Mikey did!

A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another, as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. (John 13:34)



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