The Battle Is the Lord’s

So I was talking about godliness with contentment a few days ago. Now, I want to talk about what exactly is godliness? Well, that is a hard term to define, to tell you the truth. I’ve weathered many storms; a lot of them, were my fault by my naïve assumptions about life. I thought life was going to be good to me. You know what, life isn’t always good – contrary to the “Life Is Good” slogan. But even though life may not always be good and you may not always feel good about life, God is always good.

So godliness must have something to do with God, right? Right. We have to find out what exactly it is. The dictionary says it is having a reverence for God and a life of holiness. In today’s day and age, that would be a big order and challenge. Everything around us seems to be the opposite of that.

I like the song “Good-bye, World, Good-bye” because it focuses you on heaven when you’re singing it. Most of the Christian songs I like focus on that.

Yes, godliness is like humility. It is easier to say it than to do it. And a hard concept to analyze in ourselves. You see, most of us have a big streak of hypocrisy and self-righteousness running down our backs. Its easier to put on a fake, outward appearance of godliness and piety and humility than have the real thing.

The real thing is messy, like life is messy. The real thing is getting down in the dirt and loving people you don’t really like. Its hard to love the unlovable and its sometimes even hard to love God. On the other hand, its easy to feel self-pity and blame others for our attitudes and problems. And continue to “fake it.”

The cure for all this is just to turn to the Lord. The battle is His. As you gaze upon Jesus, then the traits of godliness will appear without you having to do anything. As you give your brokenness and sins over to Him, He will make you a new creature. Life as a Christian should be one of continual renewal.

Just trust Him. The battle is the Lord’s. It always was and it always will be…


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